Hand-Painted Female Warrior - Block Out Revisit

Work In Progress / 11 February 2020

I'm back working on my hand-painted female warrior. I had a blog post previously that showed my block out progress but I just wasn't too enthusiastic about the look. It simply didn't look very good so I ended up taking it down.

I've since restarted the block out entirely using the new methods I've been practicing for the past few months. You can check out some of the before and after shots below. I've still got some work to do on it e.g. create her undershirt/gloves and clean up her hands as there a bit too skinny at the moment. I won't go too far with details however as since it's going to be hand-painted, all I really need are the key shapes and forms as small details can be represented purely through a diffuse texture.

Her old chest armour in particular was horrendous. It looked more like a barrel than chest armour. Also, as I said in my concepting post, I'm trying to avoid some of the tropes often seen in female armour designs (e.g. little to no actual protection, high heels, over-sexualisation) while still retaining an identifiable female character.  I feel I've achieved this through attention to her silhouette, emphasizing the pear shape associated with the female form. I'm also much happier with her face, previously it looked slightly uncanny but now I feel I've obtained a nice balance between masculine and feminine while avoiding a generic pixie style face. Their is still some work to do on it with the possible addition of an eye patch and scar. I'll test this out first, so it's not a definite. Hope you all enjoy and any feedback is more than welcome.