Dwarven Explorer W.I.P

Work In Progress / 08 October 2019

Thought I'd share some of the progress shots of my character that's going to play a big storytelling role in my Fool's Gold environment. Below are some shots from his development.

I started by defining a rough muscle shape and focusing on getting his face looking good. Much of his muscle wouldn't be visible but I still wanted to get the proportions right. At this point he was a bit too tall, which I fix up soon. I also thought that if I got his body to a good standard, that I could reuse or expand upon it in later projects.

I shortened him a bit and expanded upon his face, giving him a friendlier look, sloping out his forehead and  defined it using pinch and flatten brushes.

I tried out a new approach for hair which I'm really happy with. His eyebrows still use my old approach but I think the new method works great for larger volumes of hair such as beards and head hair. It uses a combination of IMM appendages which are then shaped using pinch, crack and hard polish Brushes.

His clothes were mostly masked and extracted then defined using pinch and cloth brushes. components such as the goggles and belt were made using ZModeller then remeshed for finer details.

The brushes I use the most are Clay Buildup, Form Soft, Move, Flatten, Hard Polish, Standard, Dam Standard as well as Michael Vicente's cracks brushes and Shane Olsen's pinch and cloth brushes.

Still working on him and refining bits and pieces. Hopefully you enjoy, feedback is appreciated.