Dwarven Explorer/Fool's Gold - Finished

General / 08 November 2019

Happy to say that the Dwarven Explorer is complete! Which also means that the Fool's Gold environment is too. Not much changed in the sculpts since my last update, mostly just scratching up a few surfaces to reduce overly simple elements as well as some small stitches on his jacket and trousers. I think I accidentally missed these details on the final ZBrush renders but they can be seen in the textured Marmoset Renders. 

I initially had a dirtiness/grunge that covered the majority of his body. It can be seen in my previous post. I did this as I felt it would help ground him in the environment, as he would likely be dirty from exploring an abandoned mine. However I felt it made him...well..dirty? Basically, it ended up just detracting from the overall look, muddying details and verged into more realistic qualities. I replaced this with a more stylized approach, using flat colours that gradient in defined sections to create a stained/dirty effect. It can be seen in areas such as his boots, the bottom of his trousers, his armpits, as well as the bottom of his backpack and bedroll. I preferred this approach much more as it let me retain the "clean" look of stylized PBR while still giving a "dirty" vibe to his appearance.

Overall I'm really happy with how it all turned out. There was a lot I learnt along the way that will be invaluable in creating future characters, both PBR and non-PBR. I hope you all enjoy him too and any feedback is very much appreciated. I'll be working on a female hand-painted character next, so stay tuned for updates on that.

Cheers, Angus.